September 7, 2022

Bathroom Renovations

Taking existing spaces and totally transforming them into something new, fresh and exciting. All within the parameters of the client’s needs and requirements. Our creativity and years of experience helps us to see things differently and give clients the best advice / strategy on carrying out their idea. We have highly skilled staff that have carried out countless jobs which has made them very proficient in delivering quality every single time.  Our Specialty is bathroom renovations. We can also assist with any custom renovations that the client may be looking for on request. The building team are able to ensure that any type of renovation that is carried out is done to the specs, design and style the client is looking for.

 All aspects involved with the renovation are done with an inspired twist to give all our clients projects an x factor that will bring life to the new space renovated. These aspects include things such as water proofing, brick laying, plastering, painting on both exterior and interior walls, tiling etc…. We are able to take the clients ideas and give input on the size, shape, style and colour scheme of materials based on the client’s budget to bring an even better idea of their expectations to life.