June 24, 2018

Car Door Protector

The Car Door is the ideal preventative measure against Car Door chipping, dents, panel beating, spray paint colour matching, hidden rust and rust repairs of your car’s doors. Lesser or even no more visits to The Dent Repair Workshop, Panel Beater / Spray Painter. The door pad material is designed to cushion the impact of the open car door, protecting the car and garage wall from damage. This durable, expanded pad with self-adhesive backing comes complete with the necessary installation instructions to do a DIY installation to drywall, studs, brick, plaster and concrete surfaces.



The Car Door Protector also serves as a Paint Protection Guard, protects your car door from being damaged, normally caused by uncontrolled or neglected opening of vehicle doors and in the process hitting the garage wall these unforeseen value depreciating damages are excluded and not covered by motor vehicle-body insurance. The Car Door Protector can be secured / mounted to drywall, studs, brick, concrete or plaster comes complete with installation instructions. The material composition with inherent memory was the basis of the design of the Wall Guard, in conjunction with the rubber-like capabilities which act as a soft cushion when it is hit by the car door.


Guard your car or any other type of vehicle’s door now from imperfection with a superior type of protection by padding the critical point of normal impact on the wall, this will eliminate expensive repair bills, peace of mind as well as saying goodbye to unwanted dings, rust patches and scratches in just a few easy steps.

The purpose of the Car Door Protector is to reduce the risk of smashing your car doors, front or rear bumper against the garage, or office parking wall.

The Car Door Protector will remain a long term free insurance with minimum investment that will without fail protect 24/7 your motor vehicle, LDV, Caravan by covering the critical door opening impact point on the wall.

ACT NOW.. Never to shout WATCH the DOOR !!!