September 10, 2016

Car Stop


Park your car in exactly the right place every time! Ideal for garages where parking space is limited.

Manufactured from tough PVC, this easy to install product is guaranteed to last. The bright orange line in the middle was specifically chosen to ensure your safety – once placed on the floor this strip is noticeable to your peripheral vision ensuring your awareness against tripping or falling.

A specialized sealant is provided, which in conjunction with our serrated, grooved base ensures an easy installation that will last for years to come.

Easy Installation Instructions

Important Note Before You Begin:

It is always important to plan your installation beforehand.

1. Measure & Mark

Drive car to ideal stop & place Car Stop in front of front tires

Reverse away from Car Stop Strips

Draw around each strip to mark area for gluing.

Ensure the strips are in a straight line
  • Drive the car to your desired parking position in your garage.

  • Place the Car Stop Strips in front both front tires

  • Reverse your vehicle and using a soft pencil, mark the floor around the Seal so when you remove the Seal you know where to stick the masking tape. At this point, make sure the seals are positioned in a straight line.

2. Preparation

Place masking tape around each side of the seal

Ensure the area is properly cleaned of dust

Place adhesive within marked area using a zigzag pattern

Press down the Car Stop Strip firmly
  • Place masking tape on all four sides of each Car Stop Seal

  • Clean and dry the area where you plan to install the Car Stop. Use benzene, thinners or alcohol to ensure a clean bonding surface. All dirt, water, mud, oil and other debris must be removed. (NB: Use personal protective equipment when using chemicals – gloves, masks, glasses etc.)

  • Apply the adhesive to the floor between the lines using zigzag lines.

3. Installation

Place a small bead of adhesive on the outer edge of the Strip & smooth out

Clean Up
Remove the masking tape from the Strips

Allow to Dry

Park your car against your new Car Stops.
  • This step is very important! Push the strip onto the adhesive starting at one end slowly forcing out air bubbles as you push the strip down.

  • Once the Car Stop is in place, run a bead of adhesive along the edge of the Car Stop. Use your finger or a cloth with soapy water to smooth out the adhesive before it starts to set. We recommend putting masking tape on the Car Stop Strip before running the bead to ensure a neat finish.

  • Remove the masking tape before the adhesive sets. Wipe any excess adhesive with a cloth and lacquer thinners

This is a truly remarkable product that will make your life so much easier!