September 10, 2016

Garage Door Floor Seal


The Garage Door Floor Seal is a great solution to keep wind blown dust, leaves and water from entering the garage under a poorly sealed garage door thus ensuring protection for your stored goods, tools and vehicles against the elements.

Manufactured from PVC, this easy to install product is strong enough to withstand being driven over by heavy vehicles and is guaranteed to last. The bright orange line in the middle was specifically chosen to ensure your safety – once placed on the floor. This strip is noticeable to your peripheral vision ensuring your awareness against tripping. A specialized sealant is provided, which in conjunction with our serrated, grooved base ensures an easy installation that will last for years to come.

Although developed to seal garage doors, this incredible product can also be used to protect a variety of rooms against the elements

The Seals

Standard Size 15mm high x 80mm wide

Garage Door Seal South Africa is excited to launch the NEW Industrial Size Strip.
We realized that some people need a higher profile as the gap under the door is bigger that the 1.5cm size that we used to offer.

Although most doors will be fine with the 1.5cm strip, we do offer a option of a 2.5cm in height.

Industrial Size 25mm high x 100mm wide

                                           Easy Installation Instructions

As the strip is made from PVC and being rolled up in a box,  the strip would have built up a memory, it is important to straighten it out, thus you will have to heat the strip with either a hairdryer,heat gun or lay it in the sun on a flat surface.


Important Note Before You Start:

Open the packaging, remove the strip, place on a clean flat surface in the sun. This is to ensure any bends or kinks in the strip are smoothed out.

(Tip: you can also use a hair dryer or heat gun to achieve the same result) Ensure you do not overheat the strip!

1. Measure & Mark

Measure the seal against the door

Mark the seal to cut correct size

Place the seal & close the door to ensure placement

Draw the outline to know where to glue
  • All dirt, water, mud, oil and other debris must be removed. The area must be clean and dry the where you plan to install the Door Seal.

  • You can use benzine, thinners, alcohol or a de-greaser (if the area is contaminated with oil or grease) this is to ensure a clean bonding surface. When using any of the above leave the area to dry properly before applying the adhesive. The vapours may react with the adhesive and could cause the adhesive to fail.

  • (NB: Use personal protective equipment when using chemicals – gloves, masks and glasses etc. Do not handle Benzine without gloves, and do not use with small kids around.

  • Place the strip between the door-rails, mark the strip & cut to fit.

  • Close the garage door & push the door seal under the garage door from the inside so that the Door Seal ridge sits up against the back/inside of the garage door.

  • Using a pencil, mark the floor on both sides of the Seal so that  when you remove the Door Seal you know where to stick the masking tape.

2. Preparation

Place masking tape beside markings

Ensure the surface is properly clean before applying adhesive

Apply adhesive to surface

Zig Zag
Using a zigzag pattern ensure seal will be firmly glued.
  • Place masking tape on either side of your pencil lines. Do not put tape too close to the line (about 3 to 5mm away from the pencil line) as you want the glue to push out once the strip is down. The pencil line will also ensure you stick the strip down as marked and the tape will just ensure a neat finish.

  • Apply the adhesive to the floor between the lines as displayed in the picture above.

3. Installation

Place Seal
Push the seal firmly onto the adhesive

Press the seal down firmly working any air bubbles out as it is placed

More Glue
Apply a bead of adhesive to the edge of the seal

Smooth out the adhesive to ensure fully covered edges
  • This step is very important! Push the strip onto the adhesive starting at one end slowly forcing out air bubbles as you push the strip down. Note: you will need someone to hold the opposite end of the strip up and away from the adhesive for you.

  • I prefer putting more tape on top of the strip as you see in the photos .This is just to ensure a neat clean finish.

  • Once the Door Seal is in place, run a bead of adhesive along the edge of the Door Seal. Use your finger or a cloth with soapy water to smooth out the adhesive before it starts to set.

  • Use the off-cut and cut as required to close the small gap between the rail and the wall to create a dam wall effect so water can’t seep in between the door-rail and the wall.

  • Remove the masking tape before the adhesive sets.

  • NB: DO NOT drive over the strip for 24 hours after the installation.

This is a truly remarkable product that will make your life so much easier!