September 13, 2022

Retrofit Vaccum Tube Solar Geyser Prices

The cheapest most effective high quality hot water solution in South Africa that guarantees to not only save you more than 70% on your electricity bill but also continued hot water supply during load shedding and power outages…

Retrofit Vaccum Tube Solar Geyser Kit

150 Litre Geyser – 16 Tube Kit – R17 499.00

200 Litre Geyser – 20 Tube Kit – R18 499.00

Price Includes:

Manifold with Evacuator Tubes

Banjo Valve Inclusion

10 Watt PV Panel

12 Volt Grundfos Pump (High Quality)

Geyserwise TSE Control Panel Unit

All Pipe Work – Copper + Fittings + Pipe Lagging

Complete Installation


This is the most affordable High-Pressure solution. The existing geyser is used as the storage tank, and water is circulated through a Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Collector during the day.

Converting your existing geyser to a vacuum tube solar geyser is an excellent choice. Not only will you save on your electricity bill, but you will have hot water at your disposal during  load-shedding or power-outages.  Garage Door Seal South Africa ensures that our Retrofitted solar vacuum tube geysers function great during cold nights and in frost prone areas.