September 10, 2016


Keep Your Garage Sealed From The Weather

Garage Door Seal South Africa offers solutions to weather-proof your garage, and take away a lot of the unwanted irritation of finding your valuables water damaged.

We offer the Top and Side Aluminum Rubber seal, and the Bottom door seal that sticks to the floor, giving you an all round seal.

The Car Stop allows you to park your car in exactly the right place every time, making sure you do not bump into the wall.

The Aluminum Rubber Seal is an h-shaped aluminum extrusion with a rubber strip slid into it which serves as a side and top barrier between the gap of the  wall and the  door itself, ensuring dust, dirt  and draughts cannot get through while the door is closed!

The Garage Door Floor Seal is made from a PVC, and  100 % UV protected and locally manufactured. The strip gets stuck onto the floor with a  special adhesive which has been extensively tested. The garage door slides past the bump which is then on the inside of the  garage, ensuring the wind, dust and rain is blocked off.

The bright orange stripe in the middle was specifically chosen to ensure your safety. Once placed on the floor this strip is noticeable in your  peripheral vision ensuring your awareness against tripping.

Step by step instructions and pictures are available on our Facebook page.

Full instructions are also included with ever kit that is supplied.

What will this product offer?

A NO worry garage/storing space!

  Why BUY it!

  •  If you are tired of sweeping  your floors.
  •  Saves electricity, keeping the cold air from coming in.
  •  If your garage means more to you than just a parking space.
  • Stop dust, leaves and other unwanted rubbish blowing in under your door.
  • Stops damage to stored valuables.
  • Keeps out most rodents, snakes and creatures.

     We are the only Company in South Africa offering these products!

Before the Aluminum Rubber Seal

Aluminum Rubber Seal Installed

Aluminum Rubber Final Installation

The Water Problem
Tired of water damage and debris ruining your garage? Stored boxes or tools becoming ruined because of weather damage? Our easy to install DIY Garage Door Floor Seal Kit can prevent weather damage in your garage!

Easy to Install

Inside View Of Garage floor Seal

Car Stop Seal
Park your car in exactly the right place every time! Use the Car Stop Seal and never overshoot your parking area in your garage again! Ideal for garages that double up as storage space…

Other Uses
Though designed for Garage Doors, the Garage Door Seal, is ideally suited for patio, veranda, kitchen and even front doors!
Ideal for helping prevent unwanted dust and water from entering your home!

Standard Profile